Religious Intolerance and The Hindutva:The Murder of rationalist scholar Kalburgi

Recently India has witnessed the murder of another rationalist MM Kalburgi. He was shot dead at his residence by a some group. The Karnataka government is continuing the investigation of this murder and trying to find out the criminals. The government has also stated that they are ready to give the responsibility of this investigation to the CBI for better and quick result.

This murder has again raised that fundamental question of India and that is the religious intolerance. Now when we are talking about India and the religious intolerance then another fundamental point come to mind. by default and that is the Hindutva. I will try to explain in this writing that why these things are connected to each other.

Religious Intolerance

What is religious intolerance? Let’s not Google the term and see the meaning. I will say what I assumed as the meaning of this 2 words when I first heard. Religious intolerance is that phase when you cant tolerate any other religion. If I write this the it will be difficult to state the cause of this murder, so I have to write the next line and that is, religious intolerance is something which makes you intolerant about anything against your religion.

This murder is raising this point. A group of people have become so intolerant about their religion that they are not convinced to allow the rationalist thoughts. Rationalists are not against religion, they say that receive anything or analyze anything with practical thoughts, not by emotions or believes.

It is sad to think that we have become so intolerant to any rational idea or the persons who speak about it and that is what happened here.


This term is coming in this picture not because Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal has commented ruthlessly in the murder of this scholar. It is coming because the Hindus are the religious majority in this country. The politics of this country is also connected with this religious politics. BJP the ruling party of India is a party who promotes Hindutwa, which means in every way they try to prove that Hindus are superior. This superiority gives birth to the religious intolerance and causes these brutal murders.

We are not allowing free thoughts on religion, we are not giving the basic right to express other view points and moreover the practices. The ban on beef is also pointing out the same question, that it is not about the meat it is about the religion.

We are playing with mind of some rational soul and some simple minds. CBI can probe a arrest the killers but who will take care of the humanity.?


Author: sayantanjourno

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