Yes I eat BEEF…..So??

Firstly ban on beef and then killing of a man because he ate beef are two events have raised a lot of questions on the recent Indian culture. I will say culture instead of religion. Yes a specific religion worships cow.

The point is very simple and that is there is no contradiction between the religions. A person who eats beef has no connection with religion it is a person’s personal choice. Yes I agree that there is also a particular religion where the practice of eating beef is present. I think India is losing its culture of tolerance and rational thinking. Every little thing in our country is becoming a part of politics. Politics is interfering in each and every aspect of life. It is dictating the good and bad, dos and donts. There is my problem.

Worshiping of cow is not a new thing and eating of beef is also not a new practice. So why is the issue becoming so specific that murder of a person will take place. When a religious practice becomes propaganda against another religion due to political motives then the problem begins.

Religion is the issue which is always very close to people’s heart, it has no connection with politics. Yes I eat beef that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect a particular religion or I don’t believe in that religion. Religion has many aspects one aspect is norms and some practices. It is a person’s freedom that which practice he/she will chose or not. We have to understand that now with time many things are changing. The lifestyle of people has changes. The kind of work they are doing is different from before, so it is not possible always to follow the norms.

Tolerance and acceptability of every religion and practices is India’s culture. We shouldn’t compromise that culture for anything. Some political parties are trying to make India believe it is a country of a particular religion so no other religion will get the freedom of there practices. This is something alarming.

Historically India is a country where religion has not dominated the thoughts the culture which has dominated. We are forgetting our history of culture and becoming part of the crude propaganda of making a religious country.

We have to think do we really want to become countries like where all the time fight for religion is taking place? Do we really want to kill people due to there religious identity and practice? Do we really want to make religion the most important issue of this country? Do we want to forget the history and the culture of this country, to become intolerant to everything?

We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of expression. We shouldn’t become like this and repeat these dangerous practice like killing a person because he eats beef.


Author: sayantanjourno

A coffee addict. I love to read books. Writing is my passion. I write poems and articles on life. I am a journalist by profession. I write reports on political and social issues. Here you will find some of my writings on various socio-political-economic issues. I love traveling, photography and music. I am doing theater for more than 13 years now. So write to me on Share your perspectives of life and love. Follow me on twitter @SayantanDreamz.

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