Vemula Is You: One Suicide And Hundred Truths

It is the time, when India is witnessing investment promises. It is the time when the debate is liberal economy and neo-liberal economy; it is the time when religious debate is at rise. Every single day and every single day and moment we try to ignore one fact, which has made its appearance in front of us, raising that critical question of caste.

India has a very well designed history of caste. Indian caste history is a story of class struggle. I know it is not the time of discussing class struggle. But the suicide of Rohith Vemula, has pointed out the questions of caste domination in India.

The suicide has taken place at the Hyderabad University campus. Which is a progressive academic center of India but that atmosphere couldn’t save the Dalit scholar. The students of the campus have this idea that these kinds of politics are present. But the outrage was not very prominent then. The reason behind this is, the caste based politics never affects the daily work of the majority section. But it kills the minority section from inside.

The ABVP, who has moved against them, the ministry who has instructed, the University who has expelled them. They have never thought that they are doing something wrong because the student is a Dalit. He has born to live under the foot of the upper class. Do you think that this idea is hilarious? Yes it is. But the truth is this.

India has the idea of caste and the subconscious idea of looking at the lower class in a different way. Yes we are protesting today. But ask yourself when you have last eaten your food together with the person who cleans your house. How many times have you hugged the cleaner guy who comes to your locality? The answers will be negative. The reason is, the society teaches us these ideas.

Now if we come to the politics of BJP, then we will see that there politics is always on discrimination. They discriminate the minorities by religion, caste and economic status. This is the practice of BJP from the very ancient time. The caste based discrimination is very prominent in the countryside of India. If we look into the regional parties then we will see that they have come into power through the movements of caste rights.

BJP is making the situation worst. I don’t know what they want. If they think only Brahmins will setay in India then it is a very tough job for them. Each and every moment the party is killing the uniqueness of India.

But again caste and religion are totally different issues. But in the politics of India, issue prevails. So every political party is trying to get the focus. The politics of caste and religion is something which every political party does. The BJP is the worst because they make it evident and take pride on discrimination.

The country is in a mess. When the Prime Minister of a country can only shake hand with Facebook founder but don’t react in death (Murder) of a Dalit scholar, then you should know that, Vemula is you. Nobody can protect us from this discriminating politics.


Author: sayantanjourno

A coffee addict. I love to read books. Writing is my passion. I write poems and articles on life. I am a journalist by profession. I write reports on political and social issues. Here you will find some of my writings on various socio-political-economic issues. I love traveling, photography and music. I am doing theater for more than 13 years now. So write to me on Share your perspectives of life and love. Follow me on twitter @SayantanDreamz.

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