One Dalit Woman Gets Raped In Every 4 Hours In India

The Khap panchayat of Meerut ordered to rape 2 Dalit women on July, last year. The order of the Kangaroo court has also mentioned to arrange a parade of those Dalit women within the village. Last Sunday, the Dalit research scholar of University Of Hyderabad has committed suicide due to the caste based discrimination within the campus. When the issue of discrimination is on the top, then the National Crime Record Bureau statistics shows that in the year 2014, in every 4 hours in India one Dalit woman is being raped.

India is standing in a very turmoil socio-political situation. The politics based on religion and caste is becoming the most vital political agenda of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. The caste discrimination is a social issue and which is very much present in India.

The data clearly mentions that from 2009 to 2014 the rape of Dalit women has increased 10%. The number was 1,346 in 2009 and in 2014 the number is 2,354. The rate of growth of rape incidents of Dalit women is 2%.

We have to keep in mind that these numbers are the registered number of cases, where as unregistered number of rape victims of Dalit women can be double of this. The NGOs of India who works with the Dalits in villages have observed that the discrimination is so high that sometimes the police don’t record complaints from them.

The statistic shows that from 2009 to 2012 the number has not increased much. But the number has changed from 2013, the percentage variation of number of 2013 over 2012 is 31% whereas the same with 2014 is 50%.

These data raises the question of security and discrimination. When India is becoming more important in the world business picture then the social picture of India has reached a difficult situation. The crime against women is in rise. On the same ground the security of Dalit women is also important.

This is the time when India expects responsible governance from Narendra Modi and his ministers. But this is also the time when the HRD minister is herself involved in the disseminative steps taken to the Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula. The case has involved different influential minister’s name along with the VC of the University.

When a student commits suicide within the university campus which is situated at urban area for discrimination then it is easy to imagine the situation of Dalits in the rural India. The women are the most affected section of this caste. They don’t get any respect and they are restricted from doing every little thing needed for household.

In Maharashtra at the drought affected areas where people make queues of containers to collect water, there the Dalits get the least privilege. They don’t get the opportunity to collect water properly.

The NGOs who work with Dalits in village has directly said that if a rape happened in urban areas then media react to it but when every day 6 Dalit women gets raped in the villages then nobody gets to know.




Year                  Number

2009                 1346

2010                 1349

2011                 1557

2012                  1576

2013                  2073

2014                  2354

(Data Source: NCRB

Picture Source: Google)


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2 thoughts on “One Dalit Woman Gets Raped In Every 4 Hours In India”

  1. Thank you for including this kind of information in your blog. More people need to be aware. Even in advanced countries like Japan there is a serious problem with the objectification of girls that creates a market for pedophiles. And it is quite out in the open actually with businessmen enjoying the fruits.

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