Chhattishgarh Crackdown: The Confused Democracy And Booted Human Rights

Chhattishgarh is a state of India and it carries a smell of fear within. The state is known as “red-corridor” as the Maoists are very active in this state. Communist Party of India (Maoist) is an organization which doesn’t believe in parliamentary politics but believes in guerilla war. The villagers of Chattishgarh are between the terror of Maoists and police. Maoists think that the villagers are the informers and kill them on the other side police thinks villagers are with Maoists and kill them. The confusion with Maoists and the state has made the villagers life hell and they are scared every moment and thinks somebody will kill them.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) lead government termed Maoists “the greatest threat of India”. They started Operation Green Hunt to kill and arrest the Maoists. They didn’t realize that most of the Maoists are from the poorest tribal families. So in the process of killing the Maoists the police and CRPF forces killed and hackled the tribal families along with human right workers, doctors and lawyers.

After operation green hunt the terror was always present. Recently in 2016 the government has again become proactive and started a new crackdown where they are arresting innocent people.

The police have arrested Dr. Saibal Jana of Shaheed Hospital, Dalli Chhattisgarh. He has been arrested on a case registered in 1992 which means 24 years ago. The case is of “absconding” whereas he stays in Dalli and work there. Absconding means who has left the place. He was arrested related to the police firing on agitation mine workers in Bhilai in 1992. Around 18 mine workers were killed in the whole crackdown. He is one of the most respected doctors of the area. He has worked with Dr. Binayak Sen who was also arrested for an alleged link with Maoists, though Supreme Court has given him bail but he is not allowed move freely in the region. So he has stopped serving at the hospital and from the Dr. Jana has taken up his place and serving the villagers.

Dr Jana has been charged under sections 147,148,149,333 &152 of IPC. Now if look at the IPC we will see that 147 IPC says “punishment for rioting”, 148 IPC says “Rioting, armed with deadly weapon”, 149 IPC says “unlawful assembly”, 333 of IPC “Voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from his duty” and 152 IPC “Assaulting or obstructing public servant when suppressing riot, etc”

Various human rights organizations and individuals have signed petition for his release. At the same time the police have arrested Dantewada-based journalist Prabhat Singh. He was allegedly wrote an obscene message against about a senior police officer on watsapp group. Singh has alleged the police men for assaulting him in custody. The court has given him judicial custody until 31st March. Singh was previously charged with three other cases in 2015. The charges were like alleged cheating linked with Aadhaar facilitation run by him and another one was about a story. In recent times many journalists are being arrested here previously arrest of Sanoth Yadav and Somaru Nag took place.

The place is going through a crisis of human rights. People are not allowed to pursue their fundamental rights. The main stream media has no time for the prime time debate or a minimum coverage. When the main stream media focus is restricted to Delhi and Modi then every night one person dies in Bastar. The lawyers and the activists are staying there and working for the human rights but the problem is of support. When India is not bothered to give a chance to speak to the poorest tribal people then what can some people do.

But fight is on, some people starts and then the gathering happens. We shall look forward to what happens to Dr. Jana and Mr. Singh along with more other political prisoners in the area.

Picture Source (Outlook)


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