Ki & Ka: Gender and The Believes

Ki & Ka a recent Bollywood movie written and directed by R. Balki. This movie has Kareena Kapoor ( Kia) and Arjun Kapoor (Kabir) as the main cast.It is a romantic drama which shows love, marriage, affection and family problems. So as a whole the topic is sounding nothing new. But the director here has raised a very basic question of gender and the traditional believes. This film is important because it will give you the chance to think about these questions which you have never asked and believed as norms.

You have read the film criticism of Ki & Ka in many places but I am not here to write the criticism of the movie but to discuss the questions of gender and believes. Love has always been a concept which is male dominated. I man should give the proposal of love to a women. To my friends I have heard that if a girl proposes you that is a kind of “yo” to a boy and he can easily ignore that. As it is his job to propose and her job is to fall in love and wait for his proposal. You can argue with me by saying that “it is 2016” and these things don’t happen. Yes I agree that the number is decreasing but these things have become a I kind of ritual to our society.

The movie though has dealt with another concept. In India we have a very common sentence which is ““There is always a woman behind every man’s success”. Now technically we know this woman. Of course there is no written rule or in 2016 nobody in big cities will accept it but yes it is there. The rule this woman is a housewife. Who will work whole day for husband and children, prepare food and spent most of the time in kitchen. Now this is the starting point of the movie where here Kabir wants to become like her mother who was a housewife and who was the women behind his father, a successful businessman. Kabir wants become a housewife or househusband to be precise. Where as Kia is a budding corporate employee with a dream of going up to achieve a more respectable post. They get married and the family starts. Kabir does all the household works, manages the house and sometimes earns money to support the buying of a new house.

It is wonderful to see a family which knows what is happening. They know the relationship and the work. It is not necessary to become a stereotype. The main thing between every relationship is the understanding and that is very nicely shown in the movie. The move has broken the regular notion of gender in every point. When a husband earns more and wife has nothing but time in kitchen then there is a silent understanding that you are capable of earning and I am not. But if the wife starts earning may be the husband doesn’t like it. It is terrible to think but it is there. A work of a housewife is of backstage and in silence.

Kia starts becoming jealous when she sees that Kabir is getting more attention. People are inviting him for speech and corporates wants him for promotions of new concept of gender. Then the story goes towards the end and shown how the works, jealousy and understanding holds each others hand settle the issue down.

The last part of the movie is a bit stretched. A different question of gender can also be raised that the director has shown women insensitive and jealous. But let’s not go into the debate but understand that if we cant break the notions of gender then the development will never happen.








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