When You Gave The Surprise

It is raining today, my first proper rain or monsoon in Delhi. The smell of the wait road and the drenched leaves were telling me that this is the rain you love. Yes I love this rain, I was waiting to see this rain. The sound of rain, always brings me memories. The memories I have kept within myself. The rain and you have connection in my life.

A notification on phone. I opened the, notification. A message from a number, which I have always tried to forget. A number which was one of the most use number of my phone but now the number has become the most remembered stranger. This is what happens, a name which was your life now it is a name you try to forget all the time. It is not something new to me, we all try to do this.

The message has just a line, that you are coming to city and you want to meet me. You mentioned a surprise. It was a surprise that one day I started talking to you and you came to my life. It was a surprise that the moments we have made together. Despite of knowing the society and everything you came and smiled. It was a surprise to understand that after such a long time, I felt it is love. It is a love for I can live.

Today I live with the memories of your thought. Every time I dream that you are looking at me silence. I know you are the silence. If I ask you “Haven’t you loved me?” I know you will say a “no”, like always. No you haven’t love me, you don’t know how to love. We don’t know what is love but we have made those moments together.

The moments when we planned that you me and the little you will go somewhere. It never bothered my that your daughter will not be mine but she will be yours. You that is what mattered to. I have seen your every emotions, I have known you from a distance. I have known the silence of yours has the deepest thoughts.

I will dream for the day I will meet again in this new city. The last time I met you, for ten minutes, I cried. i cried for us, I cried for the love, I cried for the moments, I cried for the silence. You asked me not to cry.

It was a surprise that I realized that I can still cry for someone.

I have known you with all my hurt. You will always be the best surprise to my life. I love you, because I love my life.

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Author: sayantanjourno

A coffee addict. I love to read books. Writing is my passion. I write poems and articles on life. I am a journalist by profession. I write reports on political and social issues. Here you will find some of my writings on various socio-political-economic issues. I love traveling, photography and music. I am doing theater for more than 13 years now. So write to me on work.sayantan@gmail.com. Share your perspectives of life and love. Follow me on twitter @SayantanDreamz.

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