Bangalore, The City Which Has Taught Me Life

A push notification came on my mobile. I took up the phone and checked, the message is about unrest in Bangalore over Cauvery water. Sitting in Delhi, some images of Bangalore came in my mind. The city I loved is facing unrest, the thought is disturbing.

The crowded roads, the chilled wind, the beer pubs and the idli vendor at the way back from The New Indian Express’s office. These are all about Bangalore to me. The city which has taught me life. The city which has made me feel that I exist, but I should fight to exist.

Me, who has never uttered an English word in his life, realized that in Bangalore none of my classmates understands my language. I start talking in English and Hindi. I have never had curd rice in my life. When the first time I saw a bowl of curd rice and tasted, it was bliss. The first time I ate thatte idli and mudde was some tastes I miss till now.

The city was new from every aspect from me. I have never thought of  a life without my parents, without my friends, without fish and rice. But Bangalore told me, that life is not what I think of but what I make. I started loving the city in my way.

So, when I saw that the city is burning, I try to tell the people please don’t fight. Bangalore is a city which knows how to love. It has an acceptance. It has an innocence. I have never heard, Kannada before going to Bangalore. But trust me the city have never made me feel that I am an outsider.

The idea of “south India” is always very stereotypical to us. The love which I have received in Bangalore, is unique. The encouragement the city gave me is something which has made me, a strong man.

I love Bangalore, the city which has taught me life and made me fell in love with my life.



Author: sayantanjourno

A coffee addict. I love to read books. Writing is my passion. I write poems and articles on life. I am a journalist by profession. I write reports on political and social issues. Here you will find some of my writings on various socio-political-economic issues. I love traveling, photography and music. I am doing theater for more than 13 years now. So write to me on Share your perspectives of life and love. Follow me on twitter @SayantanDreamz.

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