My English Is Pathetic, But I Have A Dream To Be A Storyteller…

“Your English is pathetic. You do not have the basic skills of English,” said a teacher to me. I was sitting quietly because I did not have an answer. Yes my language is pathetic and I have always accepted it.

I wanted to be a storyteller and I will be a storyteller always. Language is the most important skills you should have, to tell a story through writing but I do not have that. I am a student of life, I learn everything along with language and I am trying to learn the skills. But I have failed to write grammatically correct English.

The first thing, you should realize is to decide that what you really want and then love that passionately. I loved my storytelling and looked for stories every day with all my passion. Yes it is true that, I do not have the language skill but I accept that.

I think if you love your job then you should be prepared to accept the weakness you have. Then only you can try to change. Then comes the people of your life. Nobody will encourage you to for your work in this world. It is a competitive world and people will discourage you and make you a shit in front of others.

When I come back and look into the mirror I see a broken myself. Then I make a cup of coffee, sit and open a magazine. Read through the line and realize that I am a storyteller. I have my focus and goal, but failed to brush up my skills of language.

I never argued about my weakness, because my weakness is courage for others. People will think that because I am weak they have a chance to win. Let them win. If you love something then you don’t want to run but to go slow and conquer with time. It is ok if  someone tells you a shit. It is ok if you find yourself dumb. But, you should not think that your goal is dead, ever.

We survive because we have a goal. I know that I have the skill to communicate and also to find out a story. If you know how to find out a story and communicate the gist of it, people will make the story with their own language. Yes, if you can write fantastic that is great but if you write fantastic and flaunt your writing skills but do not have a content to wrote then there is no one who can help you.

Every time I failed, I thought “why so late?” If you think because of the failure you should change your dream. Do not change your dream for failures, if you love your dream the world will cannot avoid you for much time.

I trust myself. I trust some people who have stood beside me. Who have never judged me. The people who insult me because of my language or laugh at it. I love them the most. The more you will put me down, the more I will fight to go up.


Author: sayantanjourno

A coffee addict. I love to read books. Writing is my passion. I write poems and articles on life. I am a journalist by profession. I write reports on political and social issues. Here you will find some of my writings on various socio-political-economic issues. I love traveling, photography and music. I am doing theater for more than 13 years now. So write to me on Share your perspectives of life and love. Follow me on twitter @SayantanDreamz.

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