ABVP and why Ramjas college’s incident is shameful?



Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) students disrupted a seminar at Ramjas College, New Delhi, on Tuesday opposing the invitation of JNU student Umar Khalid as a speaker.


The seminar, titled “Culture of Protests” was about protests and Khalid was supposed to talk about adivasis and their protests. Khalid is a PhD student and his research is on violence against tribes in India.


Khalid is one of the three students who were booked under sedition charge for allegedly giving “anti-national” slogans. He is out on bail and the court till today has not found him guilty due to the lack of original evidence. But being a student body ABVP can have problem with Khalid’s act.


Why it is shameful?


ABVP is not a new students’ organization, it has a tradition. Rashtriya Sayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the parent organization of ABVP and they have pro-hindutwa views. The incident is shameful because by the act, ABVP lost the chance to know and let know about the problems of adivasis in India.


If we go by the official statistics, then according to National Crime Record Bureau in 2015 nearly 149 adivasis were murdered. The result also shows that total number of rapes of Tribal woman in India is 952 in 2015.


The result shows that nearly two adivasi women in India get raped every day. Now, if we include other crime heads then the total number of crimes against adivasi women including rape is nearly 2598 says the report. So, according to government record everyday in India nearly seven adivasi women are harassed.


The NCRB data also shows that in 2012 the total number of rapes of adivasi women in India was 729. Which implies that the within three years the number has increased by 25%.


What ABVP did not understand


The problem with a person’s view is justified because it is personal. But by stopping the person from the discussion ABVP somehow proved that they do not appreciate talks on issues of minorities. Being a part of Indian society, we all should know what is happening in India. Khalid was not talking about nationalism but about which is his work approved by JNU administration and UGC.


It is a democracy that is why we can oppose someone’s views but again it is a democracy we cannot oppose someone to talk. ABVP with its tradition should not indulge themselves in vandalism which is against fundamental rights.


The issue of minority and the story of their survival is important to know. Through ideologies, politics, hatred and egos we do not restrict the findings of the other side.


ABVP through their act repeatedly proving that they are against any kind of open discussion which is shameful. The incident of Ramjas college proved it again that in today’s India we are losing the right to express.

(Data source: http://ncrb.nic.in/)

(Image source: http://english5freedomofspeech.weebly.com/uploads/1/5/8/6/15861952/8470364_orig.jpg)

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