After Every Storm, There is Some Peace


I have nothing to write but I want to write today. I want to write to release and to cry. I think writing is the best way to express your anxiety, sadness, anger and whatever you have inside.

I can’t cry all the time because I have grown up and crying has a limit. To release my stress at this time I need something unlimited. I exactly do not know what I am thinking but do we really know what are we thinking.

I just know that you cannot avoid all the questions every time. You have to face the questions and answer them. You might know that you do not know the answers but you have to give it. After every storm, there is some peace.

The day we decided to go away from each other. To find something new. To find someone new. To find a life much comfortable. A life much needed. We both lived a new life. You lived with someone and I chose to be with no one.

The day we met again, I thought I will not understand what to talk. I thought I will just look at you and cry. But it was different. It was so peaceful. I think there are some loves, we never lose.


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