When the night ends


Summer in Kolkata had two different emotions. The muggy days with sweat-drenched clothes and then the Kalboishakhi, which brought respite through storm and rain. Utsav could never like the sultry summer but loved the Kalboishakhi like any other Bengalis.

He always waited for the storm as we all do. He used to stand at the window of their house and look at the streets. The arrival of the storm and then taking the pace. Utsav always wondered how the trees of the city which are ever ignored and often cut by the corporation people giving various reasons, reciprocate the love of the storm. The storm always came suddenly and slowly touch the trees. They moved a little standing at one spot and feel the touch. The storm speed increased and the trees reached the climax, moving furiously to feel the pleasure. At the end of the storm when there was the passion of the peace, the rain used to start.

We all love to be loved, we all care to get care and love to share the little emotions. The storms are always beautiful because when it comes it touches you and when it goes it takes away a part of your heart and body.

Utsav always loved the city of joy, Kolkata. The city where he was born and grew up with his family. The joint families were broke, the hearts and dreams were drowned. Many of these families once had the dream of a revolution and dream of a new world. That utopia was never reached but the dreams were shattered.

Utsav had a family which was together in their recent way but broken by the thoughts. In Kolkata, it was nothing new. There was a time when the city witnessed a massive left-wing uprising in the late 60s and 70. Thousands of youth came out of colleges and schools holding red flags to protest against the institutions. The youth had no leader but they followed their heart, they dreamed of the classless world which was never achieved.

The stories of the broken hearts were all over the city and Utsav knew that Kolkata has its own melancholy. But when the night ends there is a new day and the courage to walk again. The city taught him to live and love.




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