A cart from childhood

When I was a child I had a fascination for the colourful gems, mouri logenze, imli, hajmola, amlaki and other such packed colourful logenzes. In my childhood at buses and trains of Kolkata hawkers used sell those and I was desperate to buy them.

I am not the only one for sure. Every child has a fascination for those colourful things. In Delhi amid the crowd of Old Delhi’s Jama Masjid you will find a cart of full of such colourful stuff. Motilal, a 27-year old boy from Bihar owns that cart. He stays there the whole day moves around the Matia Mahal to sell those logenze and mitha paan masala.

His main buyers are children from the neighbourhood and the children who come there with parents. Motilal never keeps any masala which contains tobacco because of the children.

A Hindu boy who stays at the hotspot of Muslim community never felt uncomfortable till date. He dresses up in the time of Eid as many people come there. He is a vegetarian but he understands that people coming out from some of the most popular Mughlai hotels will love to have paan masala at the end.

Life is a harmony for Motilal and for me he is a long lost person of childhood who brings back my City to me.

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