National Restaurant, Connaught Place: Journey from Lahore to Delhi

The National Restaurant of Connaught Place, Delhi is one of the best non-veg dhabas of the city. However, the place is a bit lesser known to the regular crowd as the focus generally stays at the Kake da hotel of CP.

National has a long history as its original journey began from Lahore, now in Pakistan but earlier it was with India indeed. The hotel shifted to CP in 1948 by its owner Sitaram Bahl himself. After the partition, the family of Bahl had to leave Lahore.

Pure Desi Ghee is the tradition National has maintained across the generation. The Bahl family has maintained the tradition of their food at every cost.

Saag meat

Brain masala is a must try for all and the Saag meat. Brain curry is a unique preparation and I think here it is the best in the city. Saag meat is cooked in a slow fire in the gravy of Palak Saag.

The other dishes you can try, butter chicken, keema kalija and along with butter naan. The veg dishes are also delicious if you like to try but the non-veg is the best here.

Amid the wester style restaurants of CP this is a pure magic and the taste of Punjab will make your day. At last, you should not miss its salad with the mint chutney.

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